This post on tips to better enjoy walking really relates to me. Since I remain quite hesitant to return to the gym due to COVID-19, walking has become my main form of exercising. And nudges me to get out of the house.

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Get More Out of Your Walks: Tips to Better Enjoy Walking

First, my personal observations. Then, advice from Thrive Global,

What Works for Me

Since my knee replacement surgery in January 2020,  my exercise routine involves walking. I began in earnest during May 2020. As of now, I walk at least three miles every other day. That seems the maximum my body can handle at this point. I walk up and down hills. Which makes the walk aerobic in nature.


    • I love being outside.
    • I challenge myself to walk at a good, consistent pace the whole time.
    • Being able to walk up and down hills is satisfying.
    • Uptempo music helps get the adrenaline flowing.
    • My fitness tracker monitors my speed, distance, steps, heart rate, and more. This keeps me focused.
    • In addition, my fitness tracker has a GPS that enables me to see a graphic with a map of my route for the day. Definitely, cool. 🙂
    • Varying routes is fun.

Lessons from Thrive Global

Marina Khidekel

Breaking up the day with a walk can be amazing for our physical and mental well-being, focus, and creativity. A simple walk can serve as a stress reliever, a workout, or a chance to give our brains a much-needed reset in the middle of an anxious time. We’ve been making an effort to get in our steps since we’ve been spending more time at home during COVID, and getting creative about our walking time has been a serious game-changer. We asked our Thrive community to share the small ways they’ve been getting more out of their walks during this time. 

      • Listen to an audio meditation
      • Call a family member
      • Explore new parts of your neighborhood
      • Use it as a way to mark the end of your workday
      • Set mini movement goals
      • Take in your surroundings 

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Tips to Better Enjoy Walking
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