Unlike in prior years, “Team Joel Walks for Pancreatic Cancer Research” did not mean gathering among thousands of people at Jones Beach on Long Island. Because of COVID-19, the Lustgarten Foundation’s 2020 Walk was a virtual event.

In 2019, 16 individuals walked for Team Joel at Jones Beach. On October 4, 2020, five close family members walked in Commack, NY. It wasn’t the same. But, at least for now, this is the new normal.

Unfortunately this year, Team Joel did not reach its fundraising goal, not even close. Thus, we ask that you donate any amount you can. We would GREATLY appreciate it: https://events.lustgarten.org/team/315015

Leading Up to the 2020 Virtual Walk

Last week, I participated in various activities to promote the 2020 Lustgarten Foundation Walk. It was both a great honor and with some sadness that I represented pancreatic cancer survivors. 

The honor was to be the face of pancreatic cancer on Long Island. The sadness was due to the fact that I represent the less than 10 percent of pancreatic cancer victims who survive for five years after diagnosis.

What was especially nice was getting to see my Whipple surgeon Dr. Gene Coppa of Northwell Health for the first time in quite a while. Although we email each other, I had not seen him in person since late 2015.

Here is the video clip from Newsday. To read the accompanying story, click here. [In the video, Dr. Coppa is standing next to me. I’m the one with the survivor hat. He is holding the sign.]


Team Joel Walks for Pancreatic Cancer Research

Five of us did a virtual walk on Sunday as part of the decentralized Lustgarten Foundation Walk. [Although many others made donations.] For this year’s walk, Team Joel comprised wife Linda, daughters Jennifer and Stacey, son-in-law Phil, and me. A few photos follow, from our stroll in Commack, NY.

Team Joel Walks for Pancreatic Cancer Research
The Evans Four — Stacey, Joel, Linda, Jennifer
Team Joel Walks for Pancreatic Cancer Research
Team Joel — Stacey, Linda, Joel, Jennifer, Phil

Team Joel Walks for Pancreatic Cancer Research
Joel and Phil Lead the Way


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