Pancreatic Cancer Day

Yesterday, November 21, was Pancreatic Cancer Day. Read on for more information. And click here for the official site.

After looking at the slides, watch a short video from Alex Trebek.

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Enjoy July 4 SAFELY

Happy birthday America. Have fun. But safely enjoy your 4th of July.

Be Happy

We show the following representative visuals in honor of the 4th of July, 2019.

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AI and Medical Innovation

As we noted yesterday, artificial intelligence (AI) is entering the medical diagnosis field in a big way. Now, let’s look further.

Recently, Garbuio and Lin published an article in California Management Review, “Artificial Intelligence as a Growth Engine for Health Care Startups”:

“The future of health care may change dramatically as entrepreneurs offer solutions that change how we prevent, diagnose, and cure health conditions, using artificial intelligence (AI).

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