About 25 times, we have posted about various aspects of habits. Unfortunately, as we already know, sticking to a steady routine may be really hard.  To help, today’s post covers tips to keep doing desirable habits. Try not to give up!!!!


From Thrive Global: Tips to Keep Doing Desirable Habits

As Marina Khidekel

In a recent newsletterAtomic Habits author James Clear shared a helpful strategy for making new habits stick. The trick, he says, is to ask yourself: “What can I stick to on even my worst days?” Let’s say you want to start drinking more water. Instead of saying “I’m going to drink eight glasses of water every day” — which might be hard to stick to on a challenging day — you could say, “I’m going to have one glass of water before I drink my coffee in the morning.” 

We asked our Thrive community to share with us the Microsteps that have helped them jumpstart a new habit and stick with it, even when they’re not feeling motivated. Which of these tips will you try?

  • Do it first thing in the morning.
  • Put it on your calendar.
  • Start with one minute.
  • Set up your space the night before.
  • Use a checklist.
  • Pick a time to get ready.
  • Move distractions to a different room.
  • Make a verbal commitment.
  • Declutter your phone screen.
  • Set a consistent time every night.
  • Make it accessible.
  • Set realistic expectations.

To read about each tip, click the image.

Tips to Keep Doing Desirable Habits


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