Last month, we discussed the vaccination rate in the United States.  Now, we seem to be fixing the initial distribution problems, and vaccinating millions of people each week. But we still must confront a key problem. The large number of Americans not willing to receive the vaccine. Therefore, organizations are working to Increase COVID-19 vaccine usage. Below, we highlight how.


Healthcare Challenge: Working to Increase COVID-19 Vaccine Usage

Together, the Ad Council and COVID Collaborative are releasing complementary ad campaigns. The goal? To ramp up vaccine acceptance.

As reported by Alexandra Bruell for the Wall Street Journal:

“We are dealing with the biggest public health crisis of our lifetime. And it really felt like we had to meet that moment with the most significant public education effort ever,” said Lisa Sherman, president and chief executive of the Ad Council. “We focused on: How do we begin to understand the issue of hesitancy?”

COVID Collaborative consists of organizations and health experts. In fact, that includes the NAACP. The Rockefeller Foundation. And former commissioners of the Food and Drug Administration.

To kick off the joint initiative, dubbed “It’s Up To You,” Verizon Communications Inc. is running a digital ad. It shows people experiencing moments of joy together. With this concluding tagline “The best connections will always be IRL.” Using an abbreviation for “in real life.” According to its popular use in digital chats or texts.

At this point, view an image and a video from the campaign.

Striving to Increase COVID-19 Vaccine Usage
This image is from an ad aimed at making people feel more comfortable getting the Covid-19 vaccine. PHOTO: PEREIRA O’DELL

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