Yesterday, in Honor of International Woman’s Day, I published an article titled “To the Love of My Life (LOML) Linda.” It was posted on Thrive Global. In this blog, we offer highlights and a link.


From Thrive Global: To the Love of My Life (LOML) Linda

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An Excerpt from My Latest Story

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This article is in honor of my wife Linda (the LOML) on International Women’s Day March 8.

Linda and I started dating when she was 17 and I was 19. A few years later, we got married. On December 19, 2020, we were blessed to celebrate our 50th anniversary. Especially so since I underwent Whipple surgery for pancreatic cancer in February 2015. Yet, here I am — one of the less than 10 percent of those diagnosed with pancreatic cancer who have lived for at least six years after the diagnosis.

While there are many to thank for my survival, Linda the LOML is THE driving force for me. She is my caregiver, my inspiration, and my role model. And while I receive constant attention as a cancer survivor, Linda the LOML does not receive enough recognition for her part in my survival.

During the last six years, Linda the LOML has been my primary de facto nurse. In addition, she has been my constant companion, my chauffeur for doctor and hospital visits, my personal shopper, my cleaner upper, and so much more. As my caregiver and constant companion, Linda the LOML has had to endure a lot. For which, I am sorry.

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To the Love of My Life (LOML) Linda


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