For this post, we want to share another inspiring story regarding our furry friends. It is truly a feel good pet story. One that should cheer you up when you are down.

Even if you are not a pet fancier, this story should still make you smile. And perhaps, even laugh.


A Dog Named Henry and Cat Baloo: A Feel Good Pet Story

We recount this amazing story by Dana Meredith that appeared in Reader’s Digest earlier this year. Accompanied by great photos.

Hiking along a trail, you spy a young couple and their dog, and — wait a minute — is that a cat riding on the dog’s head? Meet Henry and Baloo, the surprising duo who have captured hearts with their scenic adventures out West. Pet parents Cynthia Bennett and Andre Sibilsky share the antics of this unusually bonded pair on social media — which includes 2 million Instagram followers — in part to support a mission dear to their hearts: preserving western wilderness and land for wildlife and future generations.

Henry, a rescue dog, came first. Cynthia and Andre wanted a high-energy pup that they could take on long hikes and camping expeditions from Colorado to California. With his playful air of confidence and active nature, Henry fit right in. The first time they took him hiking, he bounded up the boulders like a mountain goat. His favorite activities are hiking outdoors and exploring mountains. But he’s a big softie with severe separation anxiety, so eventually, Cynthia and Andre searched for a calm yet adventurous cat that could keep Henry company — and keep up with him on the trail.

A Feel Good Pet Story
CYNTHIA BENNETT Baloo takes a hiking break with Henry’s help (left); but when the car door opens, they’re ready to embark on another adventure.
A Feel Good Pet Story
CYNTHIA BENNETT Henry and Baloo ride along on a paddleboard adventure on Utah’s Colorado River.
A Feel Good Pet Story
CYNTHIA BENNETT Henry packs on Baloo and his own gear; the pets steal a quick snooze on a backpacking trip to Colorado.


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