As we wrote in 2020, “Unlike in prior years, “Team Joel Walks for Pancreatic Cancer Research” did not mean gathering among thousands of people at Jones Beach on Long Island. On October 3, the 2021 Lustgarten Walk for Pancreatic Cancer Research was able to be held.

Since last year, I eagerly looked forward to the walk.  Even more than usual, given the cancellation. And Team Joel raised money and registered to walk at Jones Beach. 

Unfortunately, on Friday September 24, 2021, I tripped over a large corrugated packing box that I didn’t see until too late. I fell and fractured my wrist.  Thus, I could not do the walk. As shown here, I’m in a soft cast. Which turned into a hard cast. 🙁

Personal aside: In the scheme of things, I realize that this is a really small bump in the road. Today’s post is actually upbeat in nature.


Team Joel Saga: 2021 Lustgarten Walk for Pancreatic Cancer Research

Here’s what happened. I was on my every-other-day brisk one hour walk. I normally glance ahead about 6-8 feet ahead of me. But that Friday, I did not see a humongous packing carton on the sidewalk. Until too late. I took a heavy spill. And fractured my wrist.

For my fellow determined cancer victims, the next part of the story is interesting. Determination has been a big factor in my nearly seven year battle with pancreatic cancer. Giving up is not my response. So, what did I do after fell, despite knowing that something was broken? Walk back home about a mile. Still at a brisk pace.

At that point, I figured that Team Joel was kaput for 2021. Wow, was that wrong. My daughters Jennifer and Stacey, and son-in-law Phil were even more motivated to walk on behalf of Team Joel. That makes  me so proud and thankful. [My other son-in-law Adam was there in spirit since he had a nasal procedure two days before the walk.]

Pictures from the Walk

2021 Lustgarten Walk for Pancreatic Cancer Research

2021 Lustgarten Walk for Pancreatic Cancer Research

2021 Lustgarten Walk for Pancreatic Cancer Research

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  1. Sorry to hear about your wrist. It was terrific that your family did the walk anyway. Very impressive!

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