I don’t know about you. But as a cancer survivor, I tend to overthink too many situations. [Note to self: Since we often cannot control getting cancer, we may try to control as many other things as possible. However, overthinking does not always prove successful.] Therefore, we need to stop overthinking so much as our default mode! That’s why this blog has featured such posts as Feel Better with Five-Minute Yoga.


Mental Health Tips: We Need to Stop Overthinking So Much

Recently, Marina Khidekel

When an interaction or conversation doesn’t go your way, you’ll often walk away from the situation physically, but mentally, you continue to replay it. Holding onto those anxious thoughts can make you feel like you’re walking around with extra weight on your shoulders, and all of the overthinking you’re doing can take a real toll on your mental healthWe asked our Thrive community to share with us the small ways they avoid overthinking. Which of these strategies will you try?

  • Practice “thought stopping”
  • Take a mini nature break
  • Tap into a creative hobby
  • Pause and look up
  • Give yourself a pep talk
  • Identify your intention
  • Take a moment to ground yourself
  • Look at the ocean
  • Consider the worst case scenario
  • Focus on a potential solution

To learn the purpose and value of each of these tips, click the image.

We Need to Stop Overthinking So Much
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