At the end of 2020, we presented a number of quizzes so we could learn more about our health. In this post, we focus on the maintenance phase of good health


An Informative Podcast: The Maintenance Phase of Good Health

In our quest to be healthier, there are many steps to include. Such as: Setting goals. Devising an action plan. Enacting the action plan. And maintaining good practices once we reach our goals. If any of the steps are neglected, we may revert back to old habits.

AAA states that:

It’s the wellness podcast to end all wellness podcasts. In “Maintenance Phase,” writers Aubrey Gordon and Michael Hobbes tackle trends and debunk myths surrounding health and wellness culture. Covering topics like “The Biggest Loser,” anti-fat bias, diet pills, and snake oil, it offers a mix of infuriating facts and the relief of laughing through the pain. “Maintenance Phase” is our new podcast obsession.

As Maintenance Phase notes: “Wellness & weight loss, debunked & decoded. Every other Tuesday, Michael Hobbes (You’re Wrong About) and Aubrey Gordon (Your Fat Friend) debunk the junk science behind health & wellness fads, and decode their cultural meaning.”

A Recent Podcast from Maintenance Phase

Next, we present an example. To access all episodes, click here.

The Master Cleanse: Are your moods too stable? Is your face free of cold sores? Get your lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper ready, because this week we’re talking about celebrity favorite THE MASTER CLEANSE! Along the way we roast New Atheism, praise Gwyneth Paltrow (!), and endorse garbanzo bean salads. Mike wishes to clarify that he adores Kate Bush and quips with the utmost affection.

The Maintenance Phase of Good Health


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