For many of us, having access to medicine (drugs) may mean the difference between feeling ill and getting better. And possibly the difference between life and death. Therefore, it is unsettling that so many people cannot be treated properly. And transparency is essential. With that in mind, we need to know about the 2021 medication access report.

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What to Know About the 2021 Medication Access Report

Cover My Meds recently published results of its 2021 Medication Access Report. As it notes:

There’s no one way to access medications, but the right way for each patient may not always be clear — of obstacles or ambiguity. The different paths to medication vary based on our life experiences and environment. These variables define us uniquely from others, in our daily lives and our healthcare journeys. That’s why this year’s Medication Access Report isn’t about patients. It’s about people. Hear from patients struggling to afford and access the medications they need. Review data on major medication access challenges. And discover healthcare solutions that can make a difference. 

Healthcare affordability remains a perennial concern. Nonetheless, the economic downturn resulting from nationwide shutdowns put it in bold. For at least some period of time, tens of millions of Americans lost their jobs. Their health insurance . And for some, access to their medications. Of the 1,000 patients surveyed by Cover My Meds, 65 percent were financially affected by COVID-19. While more than one in four became unemployed.

For access to the full FREE 2021 report, click the image.


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