Last year, we posted several articles regarding our activities during COVID-19.  So, where are we today?  Here, we look at activities that we are still avoiding.


In the United States: Activities That We Are Still Avoiding

In early 2021, many of us remain reluctant to engage in certain activities. At this time, where do you stand personally?

According to recent research by Morning Consult, as reported by Statista:

People remain limited in their choices on what to do in their spare time. While businesses have widely reopened across the United States, the majority of Americans are still uncomfortable returning to various activities.

According to a poll regularly conducted by Morning Consult over the past few weeks, Americans are not comfortable engaging in pastime activities such as going to the movies, a concert, or even just a restaurant in the face of the lingering coronavirus threat.

The numbers summed up in the following chart shine a light on an often overlooked aspect of the pandemic. While it’s great that many of us can still go about our jobs, in many cases from the safety of our homes, the lack of options to switch off and take our mind off things is taking its toll over time.

Activities That We Are Still Avoiding

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