Today, we begin a series of posts to help us be better informed: To begin, we offer healthy quizzes – an overview. Why now? During this holiday season, we sometimes lapse into some unhealthy behavior. While it may be OK to cheat just a tiny bit, it is NOT OK to lapse into bad habits.

As we have noted several times before, knowledge is king. An example of an earlier article is Health Rankings in America.  For those of facing various health issues, it is imperative that we be properly informed. Do we have symptoms that may indicate that we should go to a doctor? Are we doing all that we can to reduce the chances of a severe ailment? 

Note: Each of the quizzes that we will present are short and easy to complete. Yet, at least one of the more than two dozen quizzes in the series will be valuable to YOU.


 For Your Well Being in 2021: Health Quizzes – An Overview 

For starters, we offer these health quizzes — an overview.

To access numerous health-related quizzes from WebMD, click the following image.

Health Quizzes - An Overview 

Next, here are a broad range of quizzes for you to sample. Again, they are easy and take little time. And you may learn much about yourself at the same time. Give them a shot. 🙂 


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