In this post, we look at some physical and psychological factors related to brain health. Our topic: health quizzes – how the brain works.

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For Your Well Being in 2021: Health Quizzes – How the Brain Works

Below, the quizzes all come from WebMD. And they deal with different aspects of mental health.

  • About the BrainCan you separate the facts from the myths? As we know, the brain is quite complex.

How the Brain Works

  • What Affects Our Memory Why do we forget things? And at what age, do we start to lose brain cells? [As a senior citizen, I am happy to still have a number of brain cells. :-]
  • What Worries You? In this quiz, you learn more about anxiety. With anxiety (an emotion), you feel nervous or scared. With stress, have a physical response. Such as your heart beating faster, your breath coming quicker, and your muscles tensing.

Health Quizzes – How the Brain Works


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