Ready for our third entry? Health quizzes – eating and related activities. For many of us, healthy eating may be a continuing challenge.

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For Your Well Being in 2021: Health Quizzes – Eating and Related Activities

Below, we present links to FIVE health quizzes related to eating and related activities. The first comes from Dietitians Australia. With all the others being from Web MD.

  • Healthy Eating Quiz —  Across several food categories, see how well you eat. Click the image to start quiz. To sign up and track your results, click here. 

Health Quizzes - Eating and Related Activities

    • The ABCs of Vitamins Learn about the benefits of vitamins. As well as the best uses of various vitamins.
    • What Do You Know About Fast Food? In general, fast food is not good for us. But, some fast food is worse than others. 
    • Cholesterol Quiz What do your numbers really mean? Stay away from high cholesterol issues that cause problems. 
    • How Much Do You Know About Blood Sugar? Both high and low blood sugar may result in serious issues.
    • Weight Loss Dos and Don’ts Do you know how to effectively and safely lose weight? And how to keep it off? Stay away from fad diets and quick-weight-loss programs. Try this question: How often should you weigh yourself when dieting? 


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