Every year, pancreatic cancer day is commemorated in November. Click here for a prior post on this topic. Today, we look at the 2021 World Pancreatic Cancer Day.

2021 World Pancreatic Cancer Day

Commemorating: Valuing the 2021 World Pancreatic Cancer Day

For many resources on pancreatic cancer, turn to the Web site of the Hirshberg Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research

With regard to World Pancreatic Day, review the following:

World Pancreatic Cancer Day is a time for communities around the globe to come together to renew their dedication. And to help raise awareness for this disease. It is a global day of action that gives us a unique opportunity to make sure our voices are heard. Join us in shining a light on this disease. Your actions have power.

In support of World Pancreatic Cancer Day or in honor of a loved one, make a donation. Share the facts about pancreatic cancer on social media. Or share your story to make a lasting impact. Every year, the Hirshberg Foundation renews our heartfelt promise to never give up in this fight against pancreatic cancer. And together, we can fulfill that promise by celebrating World Pancreatic Cancer Day and raising awareness!

Click the image below to make a donation, get more facts, or share your own story.

Valuing the 2021 World Pancreatic Cancer Day

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