One of our key mantras is “Live Life Everyday.” Today’s post features an inspirational stage IV cancer story. All we can say is go Brian!!! You are a shining example for all of us.

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Brian Morris: An Inspirational Stage IV Cancer Story

Thanks to the Morris family and the PGA Tour for sharing this story. As reported by Helen Ross for the PGA Tour::

Any club golf pro teeing it up in his first PGA TOUR event, as Brian Morris will do at the Butterfield Bermuda Championship starting today, would likely admit to being quite nervous. Not Morris, though. Sure, he’ll feel what he calls “competitive butterflies,” but he only gets truly nervous when he goes to see his doctors at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston every three months. Almost two years ago, those physicians cut into the back of his skull and removed a malignant tumor from his brain. They later discovered stage IV cancer in his stomach and esophagus, too. And, at his most recent check-up, inoperable tumors in his neck.

By all rights, this inspirational and indomitable man probably shouldn’t be living out a dream this week at Port Royal Golf Course. Yet he is. And Morris’ very presence in the field should teach the rest of us about not taking our own lives for granted. “I used to be terrible with nerves,” Morris says. “But since I got diagnosed with cancer, it’s like hitting a tee shot don’t really – like I embrace it now because I’m able to do it and I probably shouldn’t be because according to the doctors and how my cancer was growing and stuff. “I’ve been past my expiration date, you know?”

“And here I am,” he continues. “Every day I get up, I’m so thankful. I get my breath and I just don’t plan long-term. I plan my life in like three-month increments.”

To read a lot more Brian’s story, click the image.

Brian Morris: An Inspirational Stage IV Cancer Story
Photo Courtesy of Morris family.


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