As we have discussed several times, caregivers must get proper recognition. And love! To help caregiver cope with their many tasks, we highlight some video advice for caregivers.


From the American Cancer Society: Video Advice for Caregivers

At a section of its Web site, the American Cancer Society offers about twenty videos oriented to caregivers:

Caregiver Support Video Series — Caregivers are a crucial part of any cancer care team. The goal of this video series is to provide educational support to caregivers as they assist with the everyday needs of cancer patients and provide self-care techniques to improve their quality of life. 

The video series comprises four main topics. (1) Physical care training. (2) Caregiver self-care. (3) Advocacy. (4) Caregiver stories. Below, we show one video from each section.

Physical Care Training

Caregiver Self-Care


Caregiver Stories


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