During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have offered a lot of tips. Including Healthy Habits We’ve Learned. Now, we look at improving your personal mindfulness. With an easy quiz for you to take. 🙂

Insights for Improving Your Personal Mindfulness

Routledge is the publisher of Using Mindfulness Skills in Everyday Life by Christine Dunkley and Maggie Stanton. Here is a brief excerpt. With a simple login, you can download the free chapter from the book that is referenced below:

For any of us to get to the position where we can easily remember to be mindful on a daily basis, we really need to practice regularly in a disciplined way. This is why most people join a class or group. So they can practice with other people. As well as get some feedback on how they are doing. A mindfulness teacher should help to shape your practice so that over time. As a result, you become more skilled at being mindful when you really need to be.

If you prefer to learn how to be mindful on your own, you can begin by following the suggestions in this chapter. In that case, set aside a time each day to perform one or more of the exercises we suggest so that you don’t forget. We would also encourage you to practice being mindful at different points of the day, in different situations and in a variety of places so that you get used to being mindful as you go about your everyday life.

Click the image to access the login on the free chapter. Then, take the quiz noted after the image.

Improving Your Personal Mindfulness

At its blog, Routledge offers a mindfulness quiz for you to complete. Once you answer the questions, an analysis of your mindfulness will appear. 

To begin the quiz, click the next image. It highlights the first four of nineteen questions.


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