In this blog, we have discussed the value of good habits several times. Now, we consider setting up healthy habits. In other words, do we follow good practices? Do we have a routine for these practices? Do we engage in the practices on a regular basis?

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Setting Up Healthy Habits During COVID-19

Advice for Setting Up Healthy Habits

For good advice, we turn to Sweta Bothra

Highlights from that article follow:

Our daily habits influence our lives in a large way. They determine how we think, behave, and interact with others. In fact, according to researchers, our habits account for almost 40% of our behavior every day. Building healthy habits can help us achieve our goals, improve our relationships, and live a happier and healthier life. Before we talk about how to build healthy habits, let’s understand how habits are formed in the first place.

Every habit starts off with a three-part psychological pattern referred to as the habit loop. Reminder: A reminder is any cue that triggers your brain to start a behavior. The reminder puts your brain in automatic mode and informs the brain about which habit to use. Routine: This involves responding to the reminder. It is the actual habit that you perform and can be a thought or an action. Reward: That is is the step where you actually receive the reward. Either  tangible or intangible.

Do’s of Habit Building

        • Start simple
        • Be patient with yourself
        • Create a trigger to remember  the habit
        • Reward yourself

DoN’Ts of Habit Building

        • Set unrealistic expectations
        • Let mistakes hold you back
        • Rely solely on motivation
        • Punish yourself

To read more about building habits from Bothra, click the image.

Setting Up Healthy Habits
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