During the COVID-19 crisis, some of us did things with our social relationships that we wish we hadn’t. We had trouble coping. And may have let this carry over to how we treated others.  Thus, we may need to work harder on sustainable friendships.

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      Now Is the Time to Work Harder on Sustainable Friendships

      Today, we turn to therapist Sweta Bothra

      As numerous studies indicate, friendship is essential for our overall mental health, and some even say, survival. A study done with 271,053 adults of all ages shows that friendships affect your health and overall day-to-day happiness. Good friendships can even make you live longer! In fact, friendships affect your health and quality of life much more than other relationships like marriage or even family.

      The time and effort you put into your friendships will determine the quality of relationships you create. You may have friends you’ve known for years or you may have recently met people you’d like to develop a relationship with. No matter the situation, there is always room for strengthening the bond and making sure your friendships last. 

      Her tips include these:

              • Be trustworthy.
              • Learn to forgive.
              • Be available.
              • Make your friendship a priority.
              • Be a good listener.
              • Don’t give up on them.
              • Remember important days.
              • Express gratitude.


    • Click the image to see the tips for each point.
      Work Harder on Sustainable Friendships

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