Last week, we looked at better understanding cancer terminology. Now, we present global cancer statistics and risk factors.


From DNA Weekly: Global Cancer Statistics and Risk Factors

For this post, we turn to DNA Weekly.

Global Cancer Statistics

Something like one in six deaths around the world result from cancer. 9.6 million people died of this disease in 2020 alone. That makes cancer one of the biggest global killers. Many of these deaths could be prevented with more governmental support. Lower and middle-income countries continue to see the biggest increases in global cancer cases. Furthermore, these countries remain the least equipped to deal with the social and economic impacts of the disease. Hence, the huge need for change that will only come through increased awareness and governmental support.

As of 2030, there will be nearly 24 million cancer cases worldwide. The chart below also shows the cancer rates for a number of countries. With cancer being the second-leading cause of deaths globally. Accordingly, a lot of work needs to be done reduce global cancer rates.

Global Cancer Statistics and Risk Factors

Risk Factors

DNA Weekly identifies and describes the seven leading risk factors for developing cancer. They include advanced age, alcohol, diet, genetic predisposition, obesity, sunlight, and tobacco. We have some control over certain of these factors. And virtually no control over others.

Read through the chart that follows.
Global Cancer Statistics and Risk Factors


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