Today, we review current US COVID-19 attitudes. How are YOU doing? Feel upbeat or disheartened? Back to normal or still self-quarantined? Over the past few months, we have often looked at topics such as these. 

Where We Stand in August 2020: Current US COVID-19 Attitudes

Earlier  this month, SurveyMonkey surveyed Americans about their opinions related to COVID-19:

As people across the world adjust to life in the time of coronavirus, organizations contributing however they can. With gyms sharing free online classes, musicians offering virtual performances, and healthcare workers working around the clock to keep people as healthy as possible. At SurveyMonkey, our research team has dedicated themselves to daily research.

As August 4, 2020:

        • 37% of Americans worry that they or someone in their family will face exposure to the coronavirus.
        • 60% of Americans worry that businesses in their area will open too quickly, down since the prior week.
        • 67% of Americans worry the the virus will have a negative economic effect on the country.
        • 41% of Americans worry that the virus will have a negative economic effect on their household’s finances.
        • 36% of Americans expect it to be more than a year before things go back to normal.

How do these findings compare with your attitudes?

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Current US COVID-19 Attitudes

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