Over the years, we have written about various charities involved with cancer. One, excellent organization that we have not previously covered is Stand Up to Cancer (SU2C).

Besides its excellent fundraising efforts, SU2C receives an A rating from Charity Watch. As well as a four-star rating (the highest grade) from Charity Navigator.


From the Entertainment industry: Stand Up to Cancer

SU2C is a major part of the Entertainment Industry Foundation. According to its Web site:

Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C) funds and develops the newest and most promising cancer treatments. Today alone, 5,200 people in the United States will get diagnosed with cancer. Progress against one type of cancer means progress against ALL cancer. That’s why we’re committed to funding ambitious and robust research and awareness efforts. Focused on incorporating health equity in cancer care, for the benefit of all patients facing cancer. 100% of your donation received supports Stand Up To Cancer and its collaborative cancer research programs.

Well over 800 actors, musicians, athletes, and public figures have volunteered their time in support of SU2C in telecasts. And in other awareness and social media activities. 

Take a look at some of its substantial accomplishments.

Stand Up to Cancer


The following ad appeared on the back cover of the February 7, 2022 issue of Adweek. It focuses on pancreatic cancer. Using photos of Tiffany Haddish and Marlon Wayans. In addition, it refers to the PancreaticCancerCollective.org. A cooperative effort with the Lustgarten Foundation.

Stand Up to Cancer 

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