Over the years, we have presented several incredible posts about cancer survivors. In honor of Maribel and Marisol, we discuss their survivor stories.

Twin Cancer Survivors: In Honor of Maribel and Marisol

This amazing saga involves twin sisters, both of whom had breast cancer. And both of whom are survivors. That shows that anything is possible for us.

As reported by New York Cancer & Blood Specialists:

The twin bond is a unique and powerful relationship unlike any other. Commonly, twins seem to share similar experiences throughout their lives. And they have an inherent understanding of their sibling’s emotional state. For twin sisters Maribel and Marisol, a consecutive breast cancer diagnosis tested their faith. As well as made their relationship stronger than ever.

Maribel learned of her diagnosis in 2018. By July 2019, she had surgery to remove the cancerous cells. Then, she began two months of radiation treatment. Maribel did not need to have a mastectomy. However, she had a hysterectomy. Because genetic testing identified her as a carrier of the BRCA genetic mutation. Which increases the risk of developing ovarian cancer. A week after the hysterectomy, Maribel received the miraculous news; she was cancer-free.

Just three months later, their faith tested them a second time. Marisol had noticed her breasts felt inflamed. And that a lump would come and go with her period. So she made an appointment with her gynecologist, who ordered her to go for a mammogram. She also had a sonogram on her breasts which showed a tumor, forcing her to have multiple biopsies. Marisol’s cancer treatment consisted of 12 rounds of chemotherapy and six rounds of radiation. In May 2020, she underwent a double mastectomy. One year later, Marisol finished her last chemotherapy surrounded by flowers and balloons gifted by the wonderful nurses at NYCBS.

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In Honor of Maribel and Marisol

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