Before the advent of COVID-19, telehealth was viewed as a niche practice. Then, it became a more viable way to get healthcare. The result: High patient satisfaction and greater acceptance by insurance providers. Therefore, the use of telehealth keeps booming.


The Future of Medicine: The Use of Telehealth Keeps Booming

According to eMarketer:

This year, 41.7 million adults in the U.S. will use telemedicine, representing 98.8% growth from a year prior, according to our latest estimates.

We expect this behavior to stick and for growth to continue through the end of our forecast period in 2023. At that point,,  the number of users will more than triple the figure of 2019. By the end of 2023, we will see 64.0 million telemedicine users.

Data from CivicScience published in July also signal a change in telemedicine adoption. For example, in January, just 11% of U.S. adults said they used telemedicine. That figure more than tripled by July. During that same time period, the percentage of respondents who reported having no plans to use telemedicine — or no awareness of it — decreased by 25%.

Consumer willingness to try telemedicine relates to a mix of factors: People look for ways to see their healthcare providers while under quarantine. And the federal government changed policies amid the pandemic to make telehealth more accessible. In addition, more health insurers now accept most telehealth bills. Including for primary and emergency care.

Now, review the eMarketer projected forecast.

The Use of Telehealth Keeps Booming


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