Do YOU fall into this category? Consumers unaware of their data known by insurers. Most people have no idea about how much that insurers know about them. 

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New Survey Shows Consumers Unaware of Their Data Known by Insurers

Recently, FierceHealthcare reported on a new study on this topic. MITRE and the Harris Poll conducted that study. During June 2020, 2,000 adults were surveyed. As a result, researchers uncovered some interesting findings:

Consumers are largely unaware of the extent to which their health plans can access data about their online shopping, social media, or streaming habits,

Overall, just 11% of respondents believe their health plans have access to consumer-generated data (CGD). Such data can be used to build profiles of members to predict their health costs. The data are separate from protect health data. From a marketing perspective, the data track things like online activity and social media posts.

Nonetheless, the respondents expressed discomfort with their insurer or employer obtaining such data, the poll found. On one hand, a majority feel it’s fine for their plans (60%) or employers (52%) to use personal information to create tailored programs. On the other hand, two-thirds feel it would be unacceptable for these entities to gather or purchase outside data about them. Yet, insurers can quite easily obtain these data through a variety of sources, the analysts note, including purchases from “data brokers.”


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Consumers Unaware of Their Data Known by Insurers


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