Our doctors require solid information/research results for the medications they prescribe. Especially cancer doctors. Thus, pharma reps need to provide solid Info to the doctors with whom they interface.


Pharma Reps Need to Provide Info – Not a Sales Pitch

Consider these observations from Natalie Missakian, writing for Fierce Pharma:

Less selling, more science can best help doctors navigate complex new cancer treatments, report suggests.

The future of cancer drug marketing will be about helping oncologists understand the complexities of precision medicine, And how new advances in targeted therapies can help specific patients. That means drug companies need to focus less on the selling. And more on the science. Thus, they’ll need real-world data to prove their drugs work as well in the “messy setting of everyday life” as they do in the clinic, a new Accenture survey of 120 oncologists in the U.S. and Germany suggests.

“The clinical trials that are the basis for your promotional materials. Those are just your ticket to play.” Said André Dahinden, a managing director of global precision oncology in Accenture’s Life Sciences division. Oncologists are asking, “What do these medicines really do in reality?”

The report found 65% of oncologists want pharma reps to be able to discuss real-world data with them> While more than half (51%) said they “will need more discussion” on real-world data from reps in the future. The report also suggests machine-assisted decision-making. Whereby technology matches patients with suitable treatments, will increasingly trump sales reps when it comes to doctors’ cancer drug decisions.

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Pharma Reps Need to Provide Info

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