We wish you a very healthy New Year 2022!! We will start posting again tomorrow. 🙂 Below, see why we have posted so little these last few months.

Just like last year, we really deserve a COVID-free year in 2022. But we must keep on hoping for this to occur — sometime in the future.

Healthy New Year 2022


Where Have We Been? Healthy New Year 2022

After 2,550 posts, Evans on Marketing had its first extended break for maintenance and repair. 🙂 That is for the maintenance and repair of Joel Evans. [me] 🙁

During the past couple of years (after knee surgery), I got into a great exercise routine. Walking more than three miles every other day. And doing upper body and core strengthening activities on the days I didn’t walk. Feeling great, until ….

Then I faced a double whammy over the last few months. [Thanks for the loving care of my wife Linda.]

On September 24, 2021, while out for my walk, I tripped over a large corrugated box on the street that wasn’t seen until the last minute. [The lesson: Don’t walk with your head down.]  Due to the fall, I landed on my head and my whole right side. I was about a mile from the house. Yet, I was determined to walk back home unaided. Which I did, because stubbornness runs in my family. LOL.

By the next morning, my wrist had become quite swollen and more painful. We then spent the next five hours in the hospital ER. The big news was that a scan of my head showed no concussion. BUT, my wrist was fractured at the scaphoid bone at the bottom of the thumb.

Until yesterday, my hand was in a cast or a brace for over 14 weeks!!! The hand is now free. Yet, the doctor doesn’t even want me starting PT for three weeks. However, I can drive.

On November 7, 2021, at three in the morning, I managed to slip on the stairs in my house. Same routine at the hospital. Different result: A fractured rib on the other side of my body. For a week thereafter,  it was the most intense pain I ever felt.

During the past two weeks, I’ve been doing PT for the rib, while guarding the injured hand against everything. Next week, I see the rib orthopedist for a follow-up. 

Raring to go blogging full blast. 

Happy New Year 2022


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