I Am Now a Five-Year Cancer Survivor


Amazing. Unbelievable. Lucky. Blessed. I am now a five-year cancer survivor.  Although some define the 5-year period as beginning at the date of diagnosis, I prefer to use the date of my Whipple surgery for pancreatic cancer.

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Global Cancer Statistics and Risk Factors

Last week, we looked at better understanding cancer terminology. Now, we present global cancer statistics and risk factors.


From DNA Weekly: Global Cancer Statistics and Risk Factors

For this post, we turn to DNA Weekly.

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Lustgarten’s Progress Toward Finding a PC Cure in 2021

As a pancreatic survivor, and a resident of Long Island, the Lustgarten Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research  is an important organization for me. Today, we look at Lustgarten’s progress toward finding a PC cure.

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In Honor of Maribel and Marisol

Over the years, we have presented several incredible posts about cancer survivors. In honor of Maribel and Marisol, we discuss their survivor stories.

Twin Cancer Survivors: In Honor of Maribel and Marisol

This amazing saga involves twin sisters, both of whom had breast cancer.

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